Update NSW nomination for subclass 190

NSW has published its migration program for the current year. It was expected that the State would have a welcome policy for the migrants in line with the 4000 places for subclass 190 and 3640 places for subclass 491, allocated from the Federal Government in the beginning of the years.

There are 103 occupations in the state's Nominated Occupation List for subclass 190, with many popular occupations such as Accountants, Chefs, Cooks, Engineers. This opens the opportunity for many migrants who are currently residing or working in NSW.

For those who are offshore, or living in other states, NSW 190 is not for you. But the state also provides other options which is the NSW 491 (nomination for subclass 491).

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Having over 100 occupations available for NSW 190 nomination will give you a chance, but this will also make the competition fiercer. This is because now the 4000 places will be allocated to over 100 occupations. NSW 190 will rank the EOIs based on the total points scored.

That means, in each invitation round, you must have the highest points in your occupation group to be invited.

According to the available data from SkillSelect, as at April 2021, there are over 2000 EOIs submitted with 100 points (including States nomination point) choosing preferred States as NSW or Any. The highest EOIs ranges from 110 to 125 points with less than 20 EOIs for each group.

EOIs submitted for subclass 190 in NSW

Below are the numbers of EOIs in SkillSelect Data as at April 2021 for Accountants, Chefs and Electrical Engineers. If your score are in the top range, you are likely to receive an invitation from NSW this year.

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EOIs of Accountants, Electrical Engineers and Chefs in SkillSelect

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