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General Question

Do you charge a consultant fee?

We normally do not charge consultant fee for existing clients. For new client, first consultant fee is free of charge. If the matter is complex, a nominal fee may be charged for subsequent consultants, but you can get a credit back if you decide to engage with our professional service.

Can I include my family members in the visa application?

You may add member of family unit (MOFU) to be included as secondary applicant provided they meet the validity and eligbility criteria. For instance, you can apply for a student visa as primary applicant and include your spouse/ de facto partner or dependent children as the secondary applicant. Other visa, however, may require each applicant to make the own application, for instance tourist visa.

Can you provide service outside of Sydney?

Our main office is in Sydney, Australia but we can assist you no matter where you're from and which state your destination is.

My friend successfully applied for a certain visa, should I make a DIY application?

Australian Migration Law is complex and is rapidly changing. It is for your best interest to contact us to receive a free professional consultant because each case is unique and should be fully assessed before making a decision.

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