Skilled Visa 
This stream is designed for migrant workers with skills in high demand to live and work permanently in Australia. There are many visa subclasses with different eligibility criteria. Contact us to receive professional assessment and find out which is the best option for you.
 Student Visas 
Australia is well-known for prestigious Universities and Colleges, friendly study environment and provide abundance of opportunities for international students to study, live, and work.
Contact us for professional advice on the courses that have the greatest opportunity leading to a pathway to Permanent Residence in Australia.
 AAT Review 
Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is the second chance (or probably the last chance) for the visa applicant to secure a positive outcome for their visa application.
Through a thorough analysis of the case, we will help you to present a strong and persuasive submission to win the case at the hearing.
 Employer sponsored 
Received a job offer in Australia? Congratulation! There are pathways which can lead to Permanent Residence in Australia when being sponsored by an Australian employer. The process of obtaining employer sponsored visa are complex which requires three stages of applications. Contact us for professional advice to secure your future career.
 Partner and Family   Sponsorship 
Australian government provide many different options to bring your family to live permanently in Australia.
You can sponsor your spouse/de facto partner, children, parents or relatives.
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 Business and Investment 
Entrepreneurs and Investors are welcome in Australia. Depending on which state you would like to settle, there are different criteria to receive a nomination from the state. We specializes in both business and investment visa and can provide advice that might help to successfully operate the business in Australia.
 Citizenship Application 
Gaining the Permanent Residence will help you to live and work in Australia, but it is still a visa and not all privileges and benefit are available to a Permanent Residence visa holder. It is important to obtain Australian citizenship once you meet the eligibility.
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 Other Migration   Services 
There are hundreds of different visa options available. We specializes in Australian Migration Law and can provide a full assessment of your circumstances to meet your goal of coming to Australia.