New requirement for Tasmania's nomination

According to the state government, the new requirements will commence from 01/07/2022 and will apply to all new nomination applications. Following are the proposal of the changes.

There will be significant changes in the requirements for each stream of nomination

Tasmanian Established Resident - new category

  • A new pathway for candidates who have lived in Tasmania for an extended period of at least 2 years for subclass 491, and 3 years for subclass 190.

  • Applicant will need 6 cumulative months of employment at skill level 4 and above. That's mean the employment does not need to be continuous, and low skilled work such as Fruit Picker (level 5) will not be considered.

Tasmanian Skilled Employment

  • The existing Working in Tasmania categories of nomination are proposed to be restricted to skilled employment only (ANZSCO Skill Levels 1-3, plus Skill Level 4 occupations in ANZSCO Unit Groups 4231 Aged and Disabled Carers, 4233 Nursing Support and Personal Care Workers and 4234 Special Care Workers).

  • For those who have recently completed study or training, part-time employment will be eligible

  • It is silent on how long the employment must be, therefore, it is assumed that the same requirements of 6-month employment are in place.

  • Subclass 190 nomination open to candidates who have a skills assessment and related employment from an expanded list of skilled occupations of strategic importance to Tasmania, rather than the limited options on the current Tasmanian Skilled Occupation List.

Tasmanian Skilled Graduate

  • The existing Tasmanian Graduate categories to be restricted on AQF 5 (Diploma) qualifications and above.

  • Remove requirement for non-Student visa holders to complete a course related to a Priority Industry Training and Workforce Development Area. This is back to normal, as subclass 485 holder will not need to study in the required industry area if choosing the Graduate stream.

  • Employment will be a must. At least three months post-study employment related to their course and skills assessment to demonstrate applied skills and settlement capacity.

  • Studying 2 courses, 1 year each, will not meet the requirement of 2 years of study to be nominated for subclass 190. For instance, the applicants studying Diploma 1 year, and Advanced Diploma 1 year will only meet the requirement for subclass 491.

Removal of Family in Tasmania Stream

  • It is proposed that the existing Family in Tasmania category be removed. The category receives a low number of applications each year and largely duplicates the Family sponsored stream of the subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional visa.

Tasmanian Business Owner

  • Extend qualifying business operation time from 6 to 12 months to better demonstrate likely ongoing success of business.

  • Link personal business income to 85% of the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT).

Overseas Applicant (Job Offer)

  • No changes proposed to be made to the Overseas Applicant (Job Offer) category.

Overseas Applicant (Invitation Only)

  • Remove the Tasmanian Skilled Occupation List and replace it with profiles detailing the skills and experience required by Tasmanian employers for a small number of targeted industries

  • Candidates whose SkillSelect Expression of Interest meets those profiles to be invited to apply for nomination.

New “gateway” application management system

Large volumes of applications exceeding available quota have resulted in up to 30% of applications that meet the minimum requirements for consideration being refused. To provide further certainty to applicants, a new “gateway” application management system will be developed to ensure only those candidates with a very high likelihood of nomination will be able to lodge an application for nomination. Support tools will be developed to help guide applicants and to assess their chances of nomination.

It is unclear at the moment what a new gateway applicant management will be. However, the new system will allow only high-likelihood nomination. Therefore, we predict that the state government will have a new system that will send invitation to the likely-successful applicants. It would be something similar to ROI of NSW and VIC, or a Matrix Point system like Canberra.

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