Compilation of Occupations for NSW 491 across all regional areas

Besides the announcement of subclass 190 nomination for this year, NSW has also introduced the list of occupations that are eligible for subclass 491 nomination. We are delighted to demonstrate with you a better view of this year migration program in NSW.

Fun fact:

Although NSW officially published, in Aug 2021, total of 177 occupations under the Combined Occupation List, the list actually contains 160 occupations. There are 17 duplicates, including:

  • Accountant (General)

  • External Auditor

  • Hotel or Motel Manager

  • ICT Project Manager

  • Construction Project Manager

  • Chemical Engineer

  • Civil Engineer

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Engineering Manager

  • Engineering Professionals (nec)

  • Engineering Technologist

  • Geotechnical Engineer

  • Industrial Engineer

  • Materials Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Mining Engineer (Excluding Petroleum)

  • Production or Plant Engineer

Probably it was an admin mistake, but it indicates that those occupations were certainly on different "internal lists" when they were being considered for the final occupation list. Please leave your thoughts on this fun fact in the comment box for further discussion.

NSW's regional areas
Map of NSW's regional areas

Requirements for Nominations

The NSW 491 program includes 3 streams. Stream 1 is for applicants who are currently living and working in the regional areas of NSW. Stream 2 is for applicants who have recently completed study in NSW regional areas. And Stream 3 is available for applicants from all States including NSW.

Stream 1 — I am living and working in Regional NSW

  • hold a valid skills assessment for an occupation that appears on the Stream 1 Combined Occupation List.

  • have been living in a designated regional area of NSW for at least the previous twelve months; and

  • have been working in your nominated occupation, or a closely related occupation, in a designated regional area of NSW, for at least the previous twelve months

Stream 2 — I have recently completed study in Regional NSW

  • hold a valid skills assessment for an occupation that appears on your nominated region's occupation list

  • have completed study or education with an education provider, where:

  • the study was completed within the previous 24 months

  • the education provider is in a designated regional area in NSW

  • the study meets the Australian study requirement (as determined by Home Affairs); and

  • the qualification obtained from this study was assessed as closely related to your nominated occupation by the relevant assessing authority; and

  • have lived in a designated regional area of NSW while completing your study

Stream 3 — I am skilled in an occupation required in Regional NSW

  • hold a valid skills assessment for an occupation that appears on your nominated region's occupation list

  • Be currently residing in an Australian state or territory

NSW 491 Occupation List

To make it simple, we have compiled the list of occupations for all 3 Streams across all different regional areas. If you have been living and working in NSW for the past 12 months, you may be eligible for stream 1 if your occupations is under the list. For Stream 2 and Stream 3 applicants, you need to see if your occupation is available in the Nominated Region.

There are total of 4 periods a year that applicants can send their interest to the nominated regions to be considered for a nomination of subclass 491. The current one will end on 31 Aug 2021, and the result will be out within 7 days after that.

Next coming:

Look at the map to see how big NSW really is. There are probably many places that you have not visited or even heard of. In the next several posts, we will provide interesting facts and more information of each NSW's region. Leave a comment of the region and the occupation you are interested in, and they will be covered in our next article.

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