Update: Nomination from States and Territories

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Towards the end of the first quarter in the current financial year 2021-2022, most States and Territories have resumed their migration program except Queensland. Following are the latest important updates regarding the current migration programs for each jurisdiction.

Western Australia (Perth)

The largest state (by land area), WA, has always been showing a different approach when it comes to Migration Policy. Invitations are sent out monthly. There are two streams, General and Graduate under WA Migration Program. The first one EOI is rank on Points, while for the second, the qualification level is given priority over points.

However, in the last round on 24 Aug, there were more than 1000 invitations sent out for subclass 190. In just one invitation round, the states has spent almost all her quota for subclass 190 in the current financial year. It is an extraordinary and unprecedent act. Normally, all States will send a small number of invitations each round and at the end of the financial year they will spend the remaining balance.

In the last round, there were 1066 invitations sent out for General stream. It is a big win for those who met the state's nomination requirements. This is because the applicants are ranked based on their points. With a big number of invitations in a single round, it is expected that the minimum points to received an invitation is much lower. In fact, the lowest points for General stream Schedule 1 is 70, and for General stream Schedule 2 is 80.

For Graduate stream, qualification level is given priority over points, hence it is expected that applicants who receive invitation do not require very high points. In the last invitation round, the lowest point invitation for Higher Education Graduate is 65, and for Vocational Education and Training Graduate is 70.

Number Invitations sent on 24 Aug 2021


General Stream - Sch 1

General Stream - Sch 2

Graduate Stream - HE

Graduate Stream - VET

subclass 190





subclass 491






Minimum point invited

Submission Date


General Stream - Sch 1




General Stream - Sch 2




Graduate Stream - HE



Bachelor Degree

Graduate Stream - VET



Certificate IV

*All points include 5/15 State nomination.


The state sent the first round invitations for subclass 190 on Friday, 10 Sep 2021. In line with their policy, the applicants are ranked based on EOI points.

Some of the invitations for subclass 190 are:

  • Accountant 105+5

  • Motor Mechanic 90+5

  • Childcare Centre Manager 85+5

  • Carpenter 80+5

  • Community Worker 85+5

  • Construction Project Manager 90+5

  • Occupational Health and Safety Adviser 80+5

  • Electrical Engineering Technician 90+5

  • Drainer 80+5

  • Panelbeater 70+5

  • Chef: 90+5

  • Engineering Technologist: 100+5

  • to be updated


The state has resumed the migration program and their policy mostly remains the same. Applications are assessed based on first-come-first serve. For the Graduate Category, there are additional instructions on how to claim employment experience to gain advantage when assessing your application.

Employment is not a minimum requirement for this category of nomination (Graduate category). However, evidence of employment or business operation will be taken into consideration in our assessment where:

  • the employer is well established and has been operating in Tasmania for at least 12 months

  • the employment has been more than 3 months in duration

  • Where candidates have been employed in the dairy, meat, accommodation, logistics or farming industry for at least the previous 6 months prior to lodging their application for nomination, they should have completed relevant industry training of at least Cert III (or equivalent training provided by industry peak bodies)

Northern Territory

NT (Darwin) is the State which has the lowest invitation quota. The state's migration policy remains the same compared to the end of last year.

The state focus on Graduate who studied in NT, holds or has applied for Graduate visa subclass 485, and is able to provide evidence of actively seeking for employment in NT.

Their MINT migration program continues to draw attention. The program requires the applicant to invest into a particular investment fund of roughly $550,000 to receive the state Nomination. This is a hybrid program, that the nomination can be issued under investment visa or skilled visa depending on the applicant's situation.

South Australia (Adelaide)

The states this year program focus mainly on applicants who have been working in South Australia in employment closely related to their skills-assessed occupation.

The normal requirement is that the applicant have been working for at least 12 months in the position. Depending on the occupation, or streams, there might have additional requirements, or concessions.

Overall, applicants who are South Australian graduates, hold a positive skill assessment, and have been working in their assessed occupation will have a higher chance of receiving an invitation.

Australian Capitol Territory (Canberra)

Canberra has recently introduced a new migration program which is for applicants who are operating small business in ACT.

It should be noted that the SBO program is not a business/ investment visa. It is rather a skilled visa and therefore, the applicant needs to meet certain criteria such as English, Age, Skilled Assessment. Applicants are advised to seek migration advice regarding their eligibility before deciding to commit into purchasing a new business or setting up a new one. Please refer to the previous post for more information regarding the SBO program.

In the recent invitation rounds, the invitation were sent out with lower number than normal. Probably, Canberra may want to save their quota towards the end of the financial year? Or they want to have some trials because of the introduction of the new SBO program?

Victoria (Melbourne)

The state sent the first rounds invitations for subclass 190 in Aug and Sep 2021.

Some of the invitations for subclass 190 are:

  • Registered Nurse 85+5

  • Agricultural Scientist 80+5

  • Food Technology 90+5

  • Social Worker 85+5

  • Retail Pharmacist 85+5

  • to be updated


The Migration Program for Queensland remains closed and is expected to reopen in September.

Stay tuned for our updates.

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