Recent changes of the Migration Program - updated on 11 July 2021

The Federal Government has published the nomination allocation to each State and Territory with highest allocations fall into NSW, TAS, and SA proportionally with the state size.

Most states have started to receive new nomination application for the new financial year. IMMI Centre will summary the critical updates recently.

Canberra introduced a new migration stream - Small Business Owner (SBO)

ACT continues their previous program of 491/190 nomination for eligible applications who have their nominated occupation under the ACT Critical List. In addition, ACT introduced a new stream - called SBO, which will nominate the applicants who successfully run a profitable business in the ACT region as the majority sharesholder. This stream is considered having much feasible criteria compared to the SBO program from QLD, and the criteria are set clearly and more specifically compared to SBO program from TAS .

WA added a new stream - General Stream Sch 2 - welcoming applicants outside the states or not being able to meet the 2-year WA study requirement.

Previously, the General Stream only applied to a list of occupations that are mainly from Health industry. Receiving WA nominations came mostly from completing the 2 years study in WA at the Graduate Stream.

The General Stream Sch 2 which extends the occupations list to include popular occupations such as Accounting, Chef or Cook has created a great opportunity for applicants from outside the State.

This calculated move from WA government is considered to directly compete with other states to recruit the skilled migrants, but at the same time, does not affect others who had decided to commit with WA by invest time and effort studying in WA for the WA Graduate Stream nomination.

Apart from major changes in ACT's and WA's program, other States have also started their "recruitment process" for the new finanical year.

  • Victoria has started allowing for ROI since 07 July, especially focusing on 108 STEM occupations.

  • Tasmania - nomination applications which were lodged before 19/03/2021 will be considered for the new financial year quota, while others will receive a refund and encourage to re-submit their applications when the program reopens - projected in mid or eng of July 2021.

  • NSW - continue waiting for the state to announce their occupation list. With the highest allocation numbers, prospective applicants are feeling hopeful to receive the good news.

  • South Australia - reopens the migration program for this year

  • Northen Territory - the number of nomination allocated to NT is lowest compared to others. The migration program for investors - MINT - continues drawing attention.

  • Queensland - QLD changed their program name to Migration Queensland - Expecting big changes announcing soon - projected to be in the end of July.

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